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Building your own business requires plenty of things, including handling the payroll of your entire workforce. If you don’t have enough resources to manage payroll, depending on an outsource provider that gives impressive payroll services in Singapore may be the right decision to do.

Outsourcing an efficient payroll service has a lot of benefits. You will get to focus more and spend more time on other important functions. You don’t need to worry about hiring and training an employee how to use payroll applications. Outsourcing from payroll service providers ensures you timeliness, accuracy, and satisfaction with any work that handles the compensation and time of the employees. Here is a list of some of the best payroll service providers in Singapore.

Alternatively, you can learn and do payroll and accounting yourself if you’re just starting out. There’re tons of free videos online and you can always outsource to a payroll and accounting firm once you’ve business has gotten some traction.

Felton Management Pte. Ltd.

Felton Management is a full-service solution provider. We handle all aspects of business organization setup, start-up, and ongoing administration through our comprehensive suite of services, which includes accounting, taxes, corporate secretarial, and consulting..

At Felton Management, we have a team of highly experienced professionals with deep knowledge of Singapore’s financial, tax, and corporate sectors. We all share the mutual purpose of providing the highest quality professional services possible. To ensure that you receive the highest-quality service, members of the Felton Management team are chosen based on their industry expertise, experience, and knowledge of relevant business activities. We provide a seamless organized service based on the good of our clients and the development of our own expertise.

Liberte Consulting

Liberte is a Singapore-based HR and payroll outsourcing firm. Our vision is to be a strategic partner for our clients, enabling them to leverage HR as a long-term driver of business growth.

We take a customer-centric approach to all our service delivery and provide an end-to-end HR solution that is adapted to each client’s workflow.

As we grow and start taking on bigger brand-name clients, our philosophy remains – by providing peace-of-mind in operations and forward-thinking advice in consulting, we help elevate the HR function to become a strategic part of the business.

Oaktree Cloud Solutions Pte. Ltd

Oaktree is an accounting firm set up by a group of experienced CPA accounting professionals. Their wide spectrum of expertise helps businesses streamline their laborious workflow reducing paperworks. Using a cloud accounting platform creates automation of almost all accounting processes. Cloud accounting platforms can sync all functions of your business by automating it to 80%.

Why choose Oaktree? We have competitive fees, our team is dedicated to delivering high quality services. Oaktree adheres to fast response and on schedule deliverables. Oaktree dedicated team will always provide expert consulting services and real time support. Let Oaktree be a part of your transformative business journey!

Alchemy Consultancy Services

Alchemy has been working relentlessly to deliver high-quality services with the aim to take away clients’ worries and thereby allowing them to focus their attention on business.

Our services include Payroll Outsourcing, Performance Management, AI sales assistant for outbound leads generation and Outsourced Data Protection Officer service. 

We strive to provide quality and best in class services by following:

  • Quality Management System (QMS) to focus on the quality of work and customers’ feedback.
  •  Approved HRMS that deliver compliant and high digital security solutions to our customers.
  • Focus on our employees’ productivity and high quality of work through a robust performance management system, PMS, to deliver affordable cost solutions to our customers.
  • Our insistence on quality has been rewarded by two consecutive years of VOTY awards


eVantage HR is an integrated HR partner providing various HR services that helps organization to align its business objective.

We take interest to understand the business and its set objectives. And we align the people, policies, and processes towards achieving the intended objectives.

HR Managed Services

We help businesses to focus on growing its business by managing the HR operation and administration support like payroll, contracts, onboarding and offboarding, recruitment and personnel records and documentation.

HR and Business Consultancy

We help develop a HR and People Strategy that aligns and drive business objectives and improve on the management and HR competencies enabling the business to find its unique ways to engage with their employees, transforming them into a highly engaged workforce committing to driving the business goals.


Bestar delivers a comprehensive range of audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, tax services, HR consulting and IT services to local, multinational and growth enterprise clients in Asia.

Our firms in 3 countries, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong serve two thousand companies.
Bestar will open offices in Philippines and China by 2022.


i-Admin provides a user-friendly payroll experience to any company in Singapore. It provides system infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology that makes payroll handling seamless. This service provider depends on an exclusive cloud-based SaaS platform to give manageable e-services to its customers.

Elements Global Services

The Elements Global Services in Singapore have made impressive payroll services for companies across the globe. Elements Global assists you in handling all international workforce with regional tax regulations and accounting and makes sure that your staff will be paid on time with the right computation of their pay.

The payroll platforms used by Elements Global Services feature multilingual efficiency, tax compliance, self-management portals, specialized reports, etc., and because of these, the company is known to be on top of the best payroll service providers in Singapore.

KP Payroll – Singapore Payroll Service

Singapore Payroll Service is one of the go-to outsourcing companies for agencies that want to hire payroll providers that offer bundled services. The agency offers employee solutions, disbursement of salary, and other important recruitment solutions. It helps businesses with managed payroll solutions and motivates them to grow small business startups.

WLP Group

WLP Group is a corporate service company in Singapore. This means that WLP Group doesn’t just provide payroll management services. Instead, it offers everything from Xero accounting services to incorporation to payroll and helping you manage your employees and HR. Payroll is very important in accounting since payroll is one of your biggest expenses. Thus having an accounting firm familiar with Xero is a must. WLP Group is a Xero Gold Partner. This can only be attained after years of experience with hundreds of clients on Xero’s cloud accounting software with payroll!

Hire one today

Sometimes, it is impossible for startups and small businesses in Singapore to hire their own team for their accounting because of some budget constraints. Fortunately, there are several accounting service providers that provide a reasonable price and the best accounting services in Singapore. Check out Wiz Marketing to view other state-of-the-art accounting firms in the country. We can also discuss other service opportunities that you may want to incorporate into your business.

Top Payroll Service Providers in Singapore

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