Web development

Building Your Website From Scratch

Every business in Singapore has a website. A website is essential for businesses as they tell clients a lot about the company. A good website would reflect well on the company whereas a bad website would reflect badly. Hence it is important to create a good beautiful website to help give your clients a good impression.

Furthermore, it is proven that a beautiful website helps to convert leads to sales better than an unattractive site. To get more website visitors, it is also important to use SEO services and SEO consultants to rank your website on search engines such as Google.

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What Our Web Developers Can Offer?

Web developers build or design your website in a way that users will have ease navigating it. Our developers can do the following:

They trained to create responsive and clear websites

Will ask for you to draw out a draft of how you would want your site to look like.

Will create your website using any information and design based on your preferences

Together with our SEO we will help your website rank on page one

Importance of Website Development To Your Business

There are different ways to market your business. Exposing a business on Facebook by using the right and proven way will bring profit to any business.

It can show the trustworthiness of your business

A business owner can interact to it potential clients

It provides connectivity to your audience

It can attract and influence more viewers or customers

Frequently Asked questions

What are the qualities of a good website?

  • Clear and easy-to-read content. Many web developers only create beautiful websites with fancy fonts. However, many a time, content with fancy font tend to make it hard to read. Hence it is important to create a beautiful website with a clear font for the content.
  • Easy-to-use navigation menu. One of the most important factors consisting of a good website is the navigation menu. The navigation menu is commonly found at the top of the website and helps your site visitors to navigate around your site and find your website pages. Should a website have a bad navigation menu, site visitors would be unable to find important pages such as your contact page.
  • Beautiful images and videos.. It is important to have beautiful images and videos on your website. As the saying goes ‘A picture tells a hundred words’. This is a true statement. Pictures help site visitors to get a clear picture of a product, convert leads into sales, and makes the content on your website easier to read.
  • A mobile responsive web design.. A responsive web design is to help a website to be viewed clearly on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. In this century, almost everyone has a mobile phone and uses it to visit websites. Hence it is important to have a responsive web design so as to help your mobile users view and navigate through your website easily.

Why hire our web developers?

There are a number of web developers in Singapore. However, why hire our web developers? We train all our web developers to be able to help our clients as much as possible. Below are several requirements we have for our web developers:

  • Our web developers must be experienced in web development.Through experience comes advantages. Being in the industry for a few years, our web developers are able to face problems and solve them quickly. Hence our web developers are able to build a quality website for our clients fast.
  • Our web developers are all trained to use WordPress to build websites.WordPress is a popular and easy-to-use web building platform. By using WordPress to build our clients’ websites, our web developers are hence able to teach our clients to make simple edits to their site.
  • Our web developers will teach you to make simple edits to your website.Many a time, clients rely on the web developers to help to make edits. Hence many web developers take advantage and start charging their clients for every edit done.
  • At iWiz, we believe to treat our clients fairly, and hence we teach our clients to make simple edits to their site such as adding in new content. However, if a big edit to the site is needed to be done, our web developers will be happy to make the edit for no charge at all.
  • Our web developers are given the best software and tools to work with.By providing our web developers with the best and advanced web developing software and tools, our web developers are hence able to create a great website for our clients!
  • Our web developers are able to write content for our clients.The difference between web development and web design is that web development is the whole package. This means that we build the entire site from scratch, writing the content, providing the web design, and even buying the domain name! Hence it is important for our web developers to be good in English, to write great content to be put on our clients’ websites.